In my lifetime, I’ve seen my native Los Angeles burn twice due to civil unrest caused by racism. In Spring 1992 I was taking my final exams at UCLA and preparing for my new job as a social worker in the very neighborhoods that smoldered…read more

The Coronavirus has drastically reshaped the economy and the labor force. Since its rapid spread around the globe, we have experienced titanic shifts in how we work, where we work, and the technologies we use to stay connected…read more

The most recent CHRO Trends Report contains a statistic that should alarm CEOs and CHROs alike. That study reported that 47% of CEOs replaced their CHROs with external candidates in 2019…read more

This year, we are on heightened alert of an invisible enemy that forces us to wear facemasks and wash our hands nearly everywhere we go. Many of us work at home and it’s blurred together with the rest of life, or we’re displaced and out of work….read more